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Chapter 1 : Introduction To Mindful Meditations

In this segment I will share with you my secrets on Mindful Meditations™ and how I used Meditation Creator to manifest all the success in my life. I will share with you my greatest ‘Miracle’ when I surpassed the million-dollar threshold in my business as the result of this program.


Chapter 2 : Create Powerful Affirmations

In this course, you will learn how to put together complete affirmations.  You will learn how to use specific words and sentences to create powerful affirmations.  This is the Most Important tip for success!


Chapter 3 : Creating Custom Meditations

In this course, you will learn how to create your custom meditations using 3 key tools that bring them together for a much more powerful experience.


Chapter 4 : The Inception Process

This process is called the ‘priming’ process. This space is where you will receive teachings on how to quiet your Monkey brain to prepare for yourself to welcome the experience of your meditation creations.


Chapter 5 : The Hand Placing Technique

Here you will learn the power of 5 hand placing techniques and its powerful effects for manifestation. How they change and how they align with your energy.


Chapter 6 : Inspired Action

In this course, you will learn how to take Inspired Action on your affirmations. Your meditations have replaced your ‘Vision Board’ and now it’s time to create your ‘Action Board’.


Chapter 7 : Feedback (Optional)

This course will show you samples of poor affirmations converted into strong affirmations. You will also learn how to submit your affirmations and Meditations to get feedback on your work. 


Bonus Material

Tips and tricks about how the mind works and scientific studies about the conscious programming of the mind, plus when is the best time to practice Meditation for maximum impact. 


Magie Cook


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